A Product is Created

Product Development

It all starts with an idea.
Then a very complex process begins - product development.

We offer our customers the opportunity to carry out joint product development. As part of the research project Pro4Plast we are also qualified to do this. It is our belief, more time and money should be invested in development in order to obtain a quality product. We therefore, endeavor to enter into development as early as possible. For more information about this project go to: www.pro4plast.net.

You have already found a partner in product development, so let's get the idea started by putting it down on paper ....

Process Simulation

Once the idea is put on paper and the requirements defined, it goes into development, and special focus is placed on the construction and design of the product. We help you to develop the specifications and construct the product. Using advanced simulation technology, we can also calculate the manufacturing process, and thus estimate the technical feasibility and costs exactly.

We currently work with the current version of the 3D CAD software UG NX. For process simulation, we use Cadmold from the company Simcon.


Before the customer makes the decision to issue a release for the product, it is certainly advisable to create prototypes. Starting from a 3D data set, we can very quickly produce prototype parts in cooperation with our partners. The preparation of sample tools for near-series prototypes or patterns is possible.

Leaving the execution of this step in the competence and responsibility of a development partner who takes over serial production is certainly highly recommended. Thus, the critical points of serial production can already be considered in the prototype phase - just another advantage of a full-service provider!

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